Makana Cellars

Boutique Wines From Diamond Mountain In Napa Valley

Makana Cellars is a family owned & operated company focusing on making the highest quality Napa wines possible. Our main emphasis is on small production Cabernet Sauvignon from the Diamond Mountain District of Napa Valley. We also produce Sauvignon Blanc from the St. Helena appellation.

Meet Our Family!

Scott & Tammy

Scott grew up in Palo Alto just 30 minutes south of San Francisco. Most all of Scott's career has been spent working for local government in Silicon Valley. His appreciation of wine came in his early twenties from his mom (Peggy) who loved to entertain. There was always plenty of good red wine on hand for everyone to enjoy. Since those days Scott has been collecting, enjoying and sharing great wines. Tammy has spent most her life in Sacramento and Santa Cruz.  She has a passion for cooking and American History. She acquired a Masters in U.S. History from SJSU in 2007.  Scott and Tammy met by chance when he walked into her tasting room she was managing in 2006. There was an immediate connection and they discovered they had several shared passions; they are both foodies, love long dinners and good wine, spending time outdoors, and the Hawaiian Islands. It was their deep passion for Napa Valley wines which led to Tammy's idea to make wine on their own. The dream of Makana Cellars became reality in 2010 when they signed their first contract for Cabernet from the famous Stagecoach Vineyard in Atlas Peak. They have since added Diamond Mountain District to their portfolio. Scott & Tammy were married on a beautiful sunny day in 2013 in the vineyard on Diamond Mountain from where they source their grapes.  Their Labradors, Caymus & Keiko were their flower girls! 

Caymus & Keiko

Caymus - Caymus is our 'first-born'. She came to us via Monterey, CA in 2012 when she was only 8 weeks old.  She has grown up running through the vineyards of Napa Valley.  She is a gentle soul who loves to wander about smelling the flowers and chasing butterflies. She enjoys playing ball with her sister but her one real passion is water.  It doesn't matter if it's the ocean, lake, pool or puddle...she'll be in it! 

Our Chocolate Lab - Caymus

Our Chocolate Lab - Caymus

Keiko - Keiko was adopted by us in 2013 when she was 8 months old and has become a wonderful part of our family. Despite being smaller than her sister, she is the head of the household. A true Alpha.  She loves nothing more than playing fetch with her ball and chasing her sister through the vineyards. She is a little love bug who's tail never stops wagging and loves everyone she meets! 

Our Black Lab - Keiko

Our Black Lab - Keiko

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