Makana Cellars

Boutique Wines From Diamond Mountain In Napa Valley

Makana Cellars is a family owned & operated company focusing on making the highest quality Napa wines possible. Our main emphasis is on small production Cabernet Sauvignon from the Diamond Mountain District of Napa Valley. We also produce Sauvignon Blanc from the St. Helena appellation.

The Napa Earthquake - How It Affects Makana

Thanks to everyone who has reached out this morning after the earthquake in Napa Valley. We were in town picking up wine just hours before it hit and were shook from our sleep at approximately 3:30a.m. It may be several days before we know if we have lost our entire lineup of Diamond Mountain 2012 Cabernet & Cab Franc as well as our 2011 Stagecoach. We are hopeful but the news from our friends wineries has not been good. We currently can't reach our wine at the winery due to the mess of crushed barrels and broken glass everywhere. We also have wine in storage at a warehouse in Sonoma and we hope it fared better. Please send your prayers and positive thoughts, we could really use them!

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